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Marketing Data, On Demand

PMG Print and Mail is the trusted source for data and marketing services with our easy-to-use marketing automation and technology.

Digital Services

We provide full-service, digital campaign management to help businesses reach their best prospects through any combination of:

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Display Advertising
  • Direct Mail

Our expert Digital team utilizes a data-driven approach to help clients achieve their campaign objectives at the highest return on their investment.


Advanced Data Services

Companies without data quality initiatives in place typically see duplication rates between 10% – 30%.

Data Enhancement

Allow your consumer or business database to go beyond high-level personas typically used. We append useful and actionable demographic and/or psychographic information to your database to learn more about your customers and create robust segments in your database.

Data Hygiene

We help businesses clean their postal, email, and phone data, as well as recognize and consolidate duplicate records. These services save businesses time and money.

Data Diagnostic

A free report that shows the accuracy of your audience’s data compared to industry norms and the potential cost savings and revenue boost you can expect by refreshing your data.

Deduplication/Record Consolidation (via Unique ID)

Improve data quality by eliminating duplicate records and increasing the accuracy of your database.

Email Marketing

We help businesses achieve campaign goals and KPIs through our unique data-driven process.

Enhanced Audience Targeting

We score the universe of available prospects and connect you with those who most closely resemble your current customers.

A/B Testing

We test a variety of elements including audience segments, creatives, messaging, and offers to learn which combination yields the greatest return.


The results of our A/B testing allow us to utilize and deliver more of what’s working so we can produce better results as we go.

Attribution Reporting

We’ll help quantify the campaign’s ROI so you know exactly how it performed.

Client Testimonials

Working with PMG has been a blessing. Jimmie Hale Mission has been working with PMG for over 10 years, and we are now going through a re-branding phase, We are re-branding Royal Pines, Jessie’s Place and JHM. Mark has helped every step of the way. Outstanding customer service from PMG Marketing.

Michael Coleman

Executive Director, Jimmie Hale Mission

PMG has been doing all my mailings for the past 10 years. When I submit a project I know it will be done fast and acurate. The turn around time is amazing. PMG handles everything from the mailing list to deisgn to mailing. A true one stop shop.

Billy Gafford

Owner, Senior Resource Center

We started wrorking with PMG earlier this year and our dontation have increased significantly since we did. Their desing team is top notch and the fast turn arounds allows us to get the mail ini the homes faster. Great direct mail company.

Karen Boad

Marketing Director, Hope Inspired Ministries

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Dirct Mail?

1. Direct Mail is flexible and effective for new acquisition and loyalty strategies
2. The effectiveness of direct mail is measurable and targeted, more so than any other media.
3. Everyone has a mailbox
4. 73% of all people prefer direct mail for new products compared to 18% who prefer email.

Why Direct Mail Works!

1. 83% of all shoppers make their buying decisions before entering the store
2. 64% of all consumers are examining their mail more carefully for promotional offers than 1 year ago.
3. 73% of households either read or scan advertising mail sent to their household
4. Mailed directly to customers, prospects, members, donors…
5. Designed to accomplish the goals of a business or organization

Do Consumers Really Use Direct Mail

79% of all households either read or scan advertising mail pieces sent to the through direct mail.

What is my most imortant part of advertising?

A call to action.

Design your mail piece to move your customer into an active role
• Postcards can become their own coupon or ticket
• Include coupons or tickets in letters and flats
• Include links or specific customer codes that can activate special
offers on your website, specifically

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